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How Are Industrial Panel PCs Constructed for Manufacturing Uses?

Winmate Marketing team>April 01, 2022

Industrial Panel PCs are built to meet challenging environments, such as waterproof connectors, brilliant display, etc. Making industrial Panel PCs must pass strenuous tests to guarantee the device’s durability and functionality. This blog will discuss what makes industrial Panel PCs different from other PCs.

2 pharmaceutical manufacturing technicians are using R19IW3S-SPM1 Stainless Panel PC to control production in a clean room

1. Power Management: OVP, OCP, Wide Power Range

IP69K Panel PC added safety measure of OVP, OCP, and wide power range

Industrial applications may include a power fluctuation that can compromise a computer’s interiors. Hence, for functional flexibility and safety, industrial panel PCs are commonly equipped with OVP (over voltage protection), OCP (over current protection), and a wide power range.

2. Wide Temperature Rate for Functionality

Computer monitor in industrial cold and hot temperature

To deliver optimum performance over a wide range of temperatures and accommodate diverse industrial applications such as outdoor kiosks in winter and summer, cold food processing storage, hot outdoor agriculture applications, etc. The industrial Panel PCs are made with particular safety and resilience mechanisms against extreme temperatures such as the power switch mechanism to protect from overheating during the high-temperature condition, etc.

3. Fanless Design for Optimal Computing Capability

Waterproof monitor with fanless, IP rating, shock, and vibration resistant

The environment in the manufacturing floor and various industrial fields are often challenging and damaging for customer-grade computers. From water splash, vibration, shock, temperature, etc. Hence, the industrial Panel PCs must meet specific standard durability in severe environments. For example, passing the vibration-resistant test, a fanless thermal cooling system ensures ultra-low power consumption and prevents vibration, shock, dust circulation, etc.

4. Rigorous Testing and Validation Process

6 Testing and validation processes ensure reliability and functionality

To guarantee the quality and efficiency of the industrial panel PCs, it must be tested and pass extensive testing and validation procedures in a reputable screening lab. All kinds of waterproof industrial displays are assessed and validated for their stability, longevity, and endurance of their system functionality. From temperature and humidity test, vibration and shock assay, signal integrity, thermal check, also electrical assessment.

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