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4 Essential Features of IP69K Stainless Panel PC

Winmate Marketing team>March 18, 2022

It is more than just an IP69K waterproof and corrosion-resistant panel PC. An excellent waterproof stainless panel PC should improve your work, be easy to use, safe, and durable.

4 Essential Features of IP69K Stainless Panel PC

In our previous blog, What Is a Waterproof Stainless Panel PC? We mentioned what makes IP69K stainless steel Panel PC different from another waterproof panel PC and Human-Machine Interface (HMI). But in industrial applications, other features are also crucial for an IP69K Stainless Panel PC. t is more than just "housing." This blog will guide you through the sophisticated design of a great IP69K waterproof stainless-steel panel PC.

1. Strong and Easy to Mount

Panel PC in universal mount

The standard industrial stainless panel PC is equipped with VESA and Wall-Mounting choices to offer additional flexibility for customers. With the standard VESA mount, setting up the panel PC is more effortless and provides various positioning options that boost versatility, flexibility, and ergonomic benefits. Some waterproof models also include a conduit pipe or a mounting kit with a junction box for better cable arrangement and protection against water and dust.

2. Bright and User-Friendly Touch Screen

Bright Panel PC, 21.5 inch FHD waterproof panel pc

The industrial stainless panel PC is commonly equipped with resistive touch or projected capacitive PCAP touchscreen to ensure users' convenience during operation. It must support multi-touch modes, such as bare hands, wet fingers, and gloves, whatever your touchscreen type. Moreover, the LCD monitor should be bright and has a wide viewing angle to give a clear visualization against intense lightning that overpower the display. Since an unclear display risks errors of input that might lead to downtime or incorrect data collection.

Optical bonding is also preferred for the waterproof panel PC display. It provides better touch accuracy and offers better moisture and dust protection, hence device durability.

3. Cleaning and Washdowns Safety (This is a Must!)

M12 waterproof connector on Winmate stainless panel PC

Occupational safety and health are among the priority cross-industries, including safe working conditions to prevent hazards and injuries. The industrial panel PC is configured with various safety modes such as waterproof connectors to prevent potential high-pressure water damage during daily washdown. Also, an air vent valve with an automatic mechanical system controls and maintains pressure to avoid air-related problems during hot and pressurized water cleaning.

4. High-Quality Specifications

Winmate W22IK3S-SPA369 IP69K PCAP Stainless Panel PC with Intel processor

As the waterproof stainless panel PC sets for intelligent applications. So, it is only common to feature a powerful processor, memory storage, and a full-size mini PCIe development slot for supplementary connections.

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