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What Is a Waterproof Stainless Panel PC?

Winmate Marketing team>March 04, 2022

What is the waterproof label on Panel PC? Is all “waterproof” same? What makes IP69K Panel PC different? What kind of industry benefits most from IP69K Stainless Panel PC? Read more on this blog.

What Is a Waterproof Stainless Panel PC?

Waterproof stainless Panel PC is an ingress protection (IP) ranked panel PC that integrates both touchscreen screen and powerful computing. Various industrial computer players offer industrial waterproof panel PCs in different IP ratings, projected touch screens or resistive touch screens, functional buttons, etc. But more and more providers also create the IP69K stainless series panel PC. What makes this kind of monitor superior compared to other materials?

Compared to standard panel PC or HMI (human-machine interface), the waterproof panel PCs are protected against solid and liquid intrusion, based on their IP ratings. We mentioned it in our previous blog, How to Explain Waterproof with IP Ratings. But the typical IP69K stainless panel PCs can withstand hefty washdowns and extreme surroundings such as freezing or hot temperature, dust, seawater, mighty water splash, shock, and vibration caused by factory work, and so much more.

IP69K ranking means the device is protected against dust and powerful 80 °C water jets. This kind of protection is beneficial for industrial sectors where hygiene standards are critical such as food and beverage production, healthcare, chemical manufacturing, etc. Or in the industrial applications that involve dusty and oily operations.

During facilities washdown in industrial applications, like healthcare and food processing, alkaline or acidic cleaning solutions are often applied to eliminate tough stains and microorganisms on the device. Not to mention the advanced sterilization using UV radiation might alter the appliance. Meanwhile, in the oily processing plant, like meat handling, soap with hot and high-pressure water is often used to clean the grease.

Here, stainless steel housing offers advantages for computing technology, as it has a unique ability to resist stains and corrosion. It is well known that one of the special abilities of stainless steel is its ability to heal itself. The chromium content allows for the formation of an invisible chromium oxide film on the surface of the steel. If the damaged stainless steel is exposed to oxygen – even in small amounts – it will become self-healing, even with mechanical and chemical damage.

With all those mentioned above, powerful computing power and robust design panel PC are the best solutions for successful deployments for intelligent industrial applications. But some applications need more than just a waterproof panel PC.

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