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5 reasons why Rugged Tablets are more suitable for aircraft maintenance

Winmate Marketing team>July 26, 2021

Tablets are becoming increasingly popular in the aviation industry, thanks to Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) used by pilots. These EFB Tablets have turned the cockpit paperless, significantly increasing pilot productivity. Now the industry is looking into Tablets for Line Maintenance and Base maintenance personnel to access Aircraft maintenance manuals, electronic job cards, order spare parts, and many more. A 2021 annual survey by Oliver Wyman reveals that more than 40% of Airlines and MROs invested in Mobile Handheld computing to improve the efficiency of their Aircraft Maintenance operations.

5 reasons why Rugged Tablets are more suitable for aircraft maintenance

Unlike the consumer-grade tablets used by pilots, maintenance tablets must endure harsh outdoor environments and long operational hours. Consumer-grade tablets like iPad don't survive longer for such rugged applications. So here are the five reasons why Rugged Tablets like the Winmate M900 series and M101 series would be a perfect fit for maintenance operations.

Rugged Form Factor

The odds of dropping a tablet during maintenance, are high, and it's a nightmare for technicians and companies. Such accidents disrupt operations and increase the cost of replacing them. Winmate Rugged Tablets with defines-grade certifications effortlessly sweep away these concerns, letting employees focus on the maintenance task. In addition, durable touch screens and sunlight-readable displays ensure reliable outdoor operation, regardless of weather conditions, even when wearing gloves.

Storage expansion options

Aircraft manual files can be huge, so offline storage is essential when wireless options are not viable. Winmate's rugged tablets provide up to 512GB of SSD storage, making it easy to store multiple aircraft manuals in the same device for offline use. Maintenance personnel working on different aircraft can share a single tablet without Internet connectivity. Additional storage expansion is available through external memory slots.

Battery Life and Hot swap Function

One of the main features of Winmate Rugged Tablets is their long battery life of over 10 hours. The tablet becomes operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, uninterrupted with the battery hot-swap function. Upon completing his shift, an engineer replaces the battery with a charged battery, and the tablet is now ready for use again.

Hardware Level Security

Device security and data security are essential for tablets used to access classified documents. Our tablets are equipped with a smart-card reader, allowing access to documents according to the security clearance of service personnel. It is a convenient upgrade, especially for tablets used in defense aircraft maintenance. In addition, Our Rugged tablets come with a Trusted protection module chip that improves security beyond the capabilities of the software.

Customizable IO ports and Built in Scanners

Winmate has helped customers with a great degree of customization for rugged tablet I/O ports. Expand tablet capabilities with our broad range of external connectivity ports such as Type A, Type C, LAN IO ports. Our rugged tablets can expand their application range from the maintenance floor to the parts warehouses with options to add barcode readers, RFID, and NFC scanners.


At the moment, most airlines and MROs purchase consumer-grade tablets, add casing to make them usable for maintenance applications. That doesn't provide the device they need. Our Rugged tablets meet the rigorous needs of the aviation industry. Defence standard certifications certify our tablets for drops, shocks, and temperature variations so that they work perfectly in hot, cold, or wet weather. On the whole, Winmate rugged tablets offer a better ROI than a consumer-grade tablet.

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