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What Defines a Defence Rugged Laptop?

Winmate Marketing team>July 8, 2022

Everything you need to know about rugged laptops and devices’ defence standards.

special forces soldiers with weapons and Winmate defence grade rugged laptop on the defence drill

Consumer-grade laptops spend most of their time indoors, at room temperature, and hardly ever exposed to inclement weather like rain or snow. On the other hand, the defence laptop is used in far harsher environments than a typical notebook. So, they require durable equipment that can function in challenging circumstances. Of course, without understanding the technology and features that go into defence grade laptops is challenging to shop for a rugged laptop that will meet your needs.

What is defence grade rugged laptop?

“Defence grade” or “defence certified” are frequently used to denote toughness. These words, however, are not merely trendy marketing terms. For products to qualify as “defence grade,” the US Defence has created a set of tests.

MIL-STD-810G (now upgraded into MIL-STD-810H) is a standard defence grade certification you will notice on a rugged laptop. This tests the durability of electronics under challenging conditions, such as withstanding repeated drops, wide range temperatures, wet conditions, dusty conditions, etc. These are necessary for the defence, which must be able to rely on these gadgets wherever they are stationed.

A defence grade laptop was not designed just for people in the line of duty. It might be the best option for anyone who needs to perform their profession in a setting unsuitable for standard consumer devices, such as law enforcement officials, emergency responders, construction firms, and other corporations operating in harsh industries.

Is ruggedness sacrificing the quality?

Alongside those basic defence grade features, Winmate offers many additional convenience features to the defence grade rugged laptop products to make them even more suited for a dynamic work environment. Such as the security features, touchscreen monitor, more robust casing, long-battery life, etc.

Due to shock protection, which is frequently provided by rubber casing, defence grade rugged laptops are bulkier than electronic retailers’ consumer laptops. This makes the rugged laptop lack aesthetics, yet it still has enough capability to compete with the best laptops on the market.

Take the example of the Winmate rugged laptops, built to withstand abuse but still provide access to contemporary functionality. Besides the variety of I/O ports and powerful processing capabilities, the convertible design of the rugged laptop with an auto disabler keyboard allows users to operate the device in tablet, tent, and laptop modes without worrying about unintentionally pushing the keyboards. The screen settings can be changed to work with gloves on as well.

As most people who need a rugged laptop are probably not sitting next to a wall outlet during the day, Winmate uses dual batteries to provide a more extended device power. Batteries can also be hot-swapped without the need to shut down the computer.

Choosing between computer power or high-quality components is not necessary to purchase a rugged laptop. For consumers who require the best equipment under challenging conditions, Winmate offers both.


Unquestionably, a defines-grade rugged laptop will outlast a consumer-grade one in challenging environments. Although the defines-grade rugged laptop is more expensive on average, the added protection features compensate for this. Hence, the replacement cost of choosing consumer devices would far exceed that of a rugged laptop designed to withstand drops, moisture, and dust.

Winmate offers defense-grade mobile tablets, laptop computers, commercial off-the-rack (COTS) defines-grade computer systems, and rugged displays that adhere to demanding armed forces specs (MIL-STD) standards. These sturdy defines-grade display screen products are created for usage in mission-critical fields such as in-ground mobile, avionics, and marine applications.

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