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PoC Radio VS Smartphone on Business Critical Communication

Winmate Marketing team>July 7, 2022

What is PoC? How can business benefit from PoC communication? Why PoC radio, but not smartphone?

Construction engineer is using PoC Radio P400M9

Nextel first introduced the concept of Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) in 1987 as an alternative to two-way radios. Before that, business communication was dominated by two-way radios on peer-to-peer and local radio networks. But now, PoC provides the best of both narrowband digital radios and broadband LTE networks.

PoC devices such as PoC radios, PoC smartphones, and bodycams work by connecting to the cellular infrastructure networks of Mobile Network Operators using a SIM card. Meanwhile, PoC network services are hosted in the Cloud on privately hosted servers owned and operated by the PoC platform. Gateway routers provide connectivity between the LTE network and the PoC server.

How PoC Benefits Businesses

PoC leverages existing cellular and WLAN networks, which means PoC is particularly useful for organizations and businesses that rely on communication across widely dispersed areas or with mobile workforces but don’t want to invest in the infrastructure required.

Moreover, the PoC solution can provide you with voice and videos calls, multimedia messages, video dispatch, etc. It also enables users to make individual calls or group calls with only one press of a button over the global cellular network. The integrated GPS for location tracking aids in managing, scheduling, and monitoring fleets or on-field workers.

PoC solutions are suitable for public safety, transportation, construction, energy & utility, warehouse and supply chain sectors, and many more.

PoC VS Smartphone Communication

Both PoC devices and smartphones come with compact size, fit easily in the pocket, and are convenient. One of the noticeable differences between them is the robustness of the PoC radio compared to the commercial smartphone. Most of the PoC radio is designed rugged to meet the highest standard for professional users. Such as the IP rating against dust and water; also, US defence standard MIL-STD 810H against low pressure, wide-range temperature, temperature shock, rain testing, drop, vibration, etc.

PoC radios are equipped with a dedicated push-to-talk button (PTT) on the side and a heavy-duty speaker that reduces audio distortion and background noises. It also has a brighter display than a smartphone. Hence, the PoC device can be easily used in the outdoor environment.

Moreover, an administrator can remotely control PoC radio, which offers unified management for field workers in the utility, industry, transportation, hospitality, oil and gas sectors, etc.

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