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How to Choose a Tablet Computer for Enterprise Use

Winmate Marketing team>October 14, 2020

Mobile devices are holding up in the enterprise environment, but consumer-grade models are easily broken and unreliable to handle all-day fieldwork. Winmate offers rugged tablet computers engineered to withstand harsh work environments and delivers reliable performance with various OS choices and data capture.

The global tablet market has been growing over the last few years. Enterprises are rapidly adopting mobility solutions to improve business operations. With enterprise-grade tablets, workers stay connected all day long. They could access enterprise systems for updates and communicate across the network.

How to Choose a Tablet Computer for Enterprise Use

Yet, in harsh conditions like a warehouse, field services, or manufacturing facility, consumer devices may not be the best choice because they are too fragile for use in industrial environments where dust, rain, extreme cold, and outdoor work are expected. Drop that tablet on the ground several times a day, and it's either headed for repair or replacement — which means downtime and cost. Data security is another concern when using a consumer-grade tablet.

When many industries adopt mobile devices for workforces, a critical decision is whether to choose rugged enterprise-grade hardware or consumer-grade technology remains essential. When selecting the right device, organizations should consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the long-term cost of tablets. Rugged devices cost more up front to purchase, but have a longer life span in enterprise environments. Choosing a suitable mobile device for the workflow and the environment in which it will be performed is the key to success. Doing so reduces the risk of a failed or poorly performing mobile solution that disrupts workflow productivity and increases the overall cost of ownership.

Some Tips on Choosing Enterprise-Grade Tablet

Choosing the best portable tablet for business is not easy. Now you have countless options. After all, you need a device to be durable, secure, robust, light, and capable of lasting through a long workday. Read on some tablet buying tips that will help you to make smart buying decisions for your business for years to come.

Define your basic requirements — Every option starts with the basic requirements. First, you should define the necessary product specifications, including screen size, operating system (Windows, Android, or Linux), the usage scenario, and the price range. When you have basic requirements on hand, you can dig deeper into the usage scenario to understand how exactly the devices are intended to be used. In the end, you will have to choose wisely the device to provide a good balance between portability and productivity.

Choosing a tablet for enterprise use — Use a device that is designed for your work environment. When selecting the right solution, only compare specs that matter to you. For industrial applications, several features matter — IP rating, drop and vibration resistance, battery life longevity, and data capture capabilities. But do not be mislead by the numbers. For example, a higher IP rating does not necessarily mean that it is better for performing tasks in your application. Generally, the higher is the score, the better the protection — the choice of protection level, IP65 or IP67, depends on the needs of your application.

Consider available accessories for your application — Accessories can add flexibility and utility to your tablet and handheld. Make sure you consider options like a charging dock, carry-case, stylus, and vehicle mount solution. Keep in mind the end-user application scenario. Think of whether this tablet will be installed in the vehicle and occasionally used for data collection, or the worker will carry the device around the site all day long. Then narrow down your choices by looking at available add-ons for the devices you are considering.

Think of how to manage tablets deployed in the field — Next, it is crucial to consider the maintenance plan for all the devices deployed within the organization. You can consider SOTIMobicontrol or any other mobile device management (MDM) solution that suits your business needs. Most MDM solutions allow managing the policies and features of data and apps, such as encryption, PIN enforcement, and remote wipe. IT should be aware of which MDM product supports its organization's fleet of tablets.

Before the purchase, ask the expert or contact the reliable manufacturer to learn more about the product details, gather test reports, and choose the right fit for your rugged application. Make your choice wisely and find a reliable device that will not only last long but perform in harsh conditions. Remember that consumer tablets were not built for tough environments, and most likely do not offer the range of functional accessories that these industrial applications demand.

But even if you choose the most suitable rugged device, simply buying a tablet and deploying it business operations is not a case. After the purchase, you need to support these devices and manage them effectively for years to come. You would ideally want to choose the partner who can supply the tablets if it is broken, provide accessories you need at the right price, and can work with you to successfully deploy the new devices across your business. Winmate, a rugged computing and embedded solutions provider for industries operating in some of the most challenging environments, offers enterprise-grade tablet computers rugged on the outside, powerful on the inside. They are engineered to work in challenging environments. Ready to perform tasks anytime, anywhere.

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