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Future of Business Intelligence with AI Technology

Winmate Marketing team, Winmate Inc>November 27, 2020

Deploy tomorrow’s technology to boost productivity and increase revenues now.

Today businesses have been already deploying algorithms to analyze the data that has been generated for years since the introduction of IoT and data gathering tools. Some futuristic technologies like voice and facial recognition, task automation, autonomous driving assistant are now the reality. And it is a good time for business to gain the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Use the Power of AI to Boost Efficiency

In today’s world, Artificial intelligence (AI) is not a mysterious term but a real business solution. This is the trend that is now driving many solutions across industries. From retail to industrial sector, AI powered technologies open new possibilities and business models. Moreover, AI powered algorithms become more sophisticated and smart overtime. AI technologies are now available for companies to deploy and stand out of the competitors.

Future of Business Intelligence with AI Technology
AI Technologies in Business Intelligence

Some of the applications of artificial intelligence in business include, but not limited to: People Counting, Human Traffic Flow, Crowd Density and Audience Profiling.

People Counting:

Count the number of people that enter or exit specific areas, and the total number of people within specific areas. Smart retail can benefit from this new technology. General counting allows distinguishing between groups and individuals for more accurate conversion rate recognize male and female visitors for a targeted promotion and advertisement.

Human Traffic Flow:

Track and compare people movement (activity) across different regions. Track path analysis, for example, helps marketers and store planners to better organize the space inside a shopping mall. While automated queue detection and measurement of length and queue times and sending this information via push messages directly to visitors can significantly improve customer experience.

Crowd Density:

Measure the crowd level, and track overall activity level at different times within an area. For security managements measuring crowd density during community events, such as sport events, concerts, festivals and conferences to conduct real-time tracking of people counts and distributions in crowded places. The technology uses neural network architecture can predict the density of people on a per-pixel basis. This technology has many potential applications, for example counting and density estimation of cells or bacteria in biological research.

Audience Profiling:

Help users to understand their audience profile by providing essential information such as age, gender and even identifying whether the target is smiling or grumpy to conclude and predict a current mood state. This application is especially interesting for brands, marketing agencies and digital advertising agencies. Using big data and AI algorithms marketers can already promote a product to specific audiences. This can boost both sales revenues and customer satisfaction.

All of this technologies combines together can help modern businesses to improve their operations and boost sales revenues. Adding AI-powered technologies to your business operations and already existing Internet-of-Things (IoT) eco-systems where everything is connected is the way to use modern technologies to increase profitability and maximize customer satisfaction. Winmate, a rugged computing and embedded solutions provider for industries operating in some of the most challenging environments, offers AI, IIoT and edge computing solutions to enable your intelligent applications and help your business grow.

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