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Nowadays, most vehicle-based occupations require some fleet management system to increase job efficiency, whether for tasks such as transporting goods or garbage truck waste collection. In-vehicle computers are needed for control centers to track and optimize the route for each vehicle as well as provide the information on the latest task that needs to be completed for increased productivity and efficiency. These devices require always-on connectivity, whether through GPS or other extensive wireless options for constant updates and fleet tracking. Winmate provides in-vehicle device solutions for fleet management that can withstand continuous vehicle use with anti-shock/vibration designs, and our mobile options allow for versatile hybrid usage as vehicle-mount computers and field-use devices. Winmate's vehicle mount computer and rugged tablets fit perfectly into fleet management applications. Synchronizing location, schedules, vehicle information data, driver input utilizing 4G and GNSS enabled equipment that allows both dispatcher and fleet manager to get all critical information and feedbacks in real-time, which helps improving drivers' performance, schedules, and efficiency.

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