Field Services Solution

Field Services Solutions

Maintenance And Repair Services

Maintenance timelines often stretched by unforeseen circumstances and budget cuts, rugged tablets are an economical way to optimize resources, manage field personnel, track work orders, and ensure the delivery of necessary parts and equipment. Winmate offers ruggedized tablets for the field service industry, where computers must be robust, mobile, and have comprehensive connectivity. Field service technicians need reliable connectivity, for accurate, real-time data input, to securely access sensitive data, and to communicate with back-office IT. Our rugged tablets and handhelds for field service have built-in Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connectivity and come with efficient processors so that you won’t experience delays or lags in connection. We also offer various accessories to enhance your mobility, such as a hand strap, carrying handle, or shoulder strap. Simplify your field operations with the right mobile tools.

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